Will Lending Club’s IPO be a good investment?

Lending Club is poised to have an IPO next year. I wondered, will owning stock in Lending Club be a good investment, particularly at the IPO? For this post, I’ll cover Financial Services IPOs in general, and in a future post I’ll look at the merits of a $1 B potential market cap for Lending Club.

Financial IPOs are hot

There have been more IPOs in the financial sector than any other industry in the last 12 months. Financial Services IPOs raised $11.5 B from 38 deals:

Lending Club IPO 1

I was quite surprised, as I couldn’t recall any Financial Services IPOs recently. However, when I checked, there were some fairly big names. ING US was the largest IPO of any company in the 2nd quarter, raising $1.3 B on May 1st. EVERTEC (financial transaction processor in Latin America) was another big IPO in Q2, raising half a billion. (source)

However, Financial Services IPOs lag the market in total returns

However, Financial Services IPOs had the 2nd lowest total return of any industry. Over the last 12 months, Financial Services companies that IPO-ed returned just 5.1% to investors.

Lending Club IPO 2

When considering investing in a Lending Club IPO, proceed with caution. Not all high-profile IPOs have delivered for investors, and Financial Services IPOs in general have garnered a fairly cold reception.

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